WTA Finals

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WTA Finals Favourites

Serena Williams has won this event five times, and Steffi Graff, Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert have all had their spells of dominance, and earlier this century, Kim Clijsters also seemed to take a liking to the tournament. But although this is a competition that has tended to go to the dominant player on the women’s circuit, it has been far less predictable in recent years, as injuries have started to take their toll on Williams. Five different women have won the last seven editions and for the foreseeable future this doesn’t look like being an event in which you can lump on the favourite with confidence.

WTA Finals Prize Money

As with the ATP Tour Finals, there is a hefty prize fund on offer in order to entice the world’s top players to drag their aching limbs through one last tournament before their winter break. The prize structure is a little more complicated in the WTA version, however, with a sliding scale for participation ensuring that you need to complete three matches to get your $151,000 fee. Every round-robin victory nets the winner $153,000 and the winner of the tournament takes away $1,750,000, with the runner up pocketing $590,000.

WTA Finals Betting

As with the ATP Tour Finals, it’s important to be aware of which players are carrying injuries and which players might be suffering from fatigue at the end of a long and difficult season. As the location of the WTA version moves every few years, past tournament form is not necessarily that revealing from the point of view of surface conditions, although the ability to cope with the intensity of a competition in which you are required to play one top player after another in quick succession is essential.

WTA Finals Odds

As the WTA Finals has become more open in recent editions, it has become harder for bookies to price up the matches. Head-to-head form and overall ability based on the WTA rankings will underpin most of the price-setting, but bookies will always find it tricky to factor in the extent to which fatigue or injury may be hampering an individual player. They will also find it harder to price up a player who has had a rest going into the tournament and who may be refreshed as a result.