Tennis and Gambling – Serving up the Winners

Tennis Gambling Online

Gambling and tennis offer the perfect opportunity to make money on sports. You have elite sports players whose performances can be tracked to evaluate their likelihood of future success against other players.

Like football, betting on tennis tournaments and matches is a game of skill and knowledge. It requires a familiarity with the players and with the game itself. But you do not need to be an expert in tennis to make money on the sport.

What makes tennis so popular to gamble on is that there are many tournaments throughout the year and each tournament contains sometimes upwards of 100 games per event. The more games each tennis star plays, the more information can be gathered about their abilities, to help predict the likelihood of future victories.

Casino or Betting

There are many ways to gamble online. Two of the most popular ways are online casinos with slots and sports betting. Casino betting covers a whole range of games from online slots, to popular Vegas games such as craps and roulette, through to legendary card games such as blackjack and poker.

Online Casinos – What you need to know

Online Casino Gambling Explained

Over the past few years casinos have become a very popular way to gamble online. These can be a lot of fun; with bright flashing lights, high-pitch sounds, and high priced jackpots mimicking the experience of being at an actual casino. The biggest problem with these casino games is that the player has no influence over the eventual result.

Slot games in particular have no skill involved and results are based purely on an algorithm which ensures the casino pays out a portion of its takings. The problem here, of course, is that you never know when a big jackpot has just been won or how long it will be until the next one comes along.

While casino games are fun and loud, they are based purely on luck, and ultimately they offer quick ways for you to gamble your money away. The odds of winning lean heavily in favour of the casino, and the casino simply cannot lose.

There are exceptions. Games like Texas Hold’em poker are played peer-to-peer against players from all around the world, but you never know who you are playing against, and can easily be outmatched by a more experienced player.

Sports Betting – What you need to know

Sports Betting offers something different to online casino betting. With Sports Betting you have the opportunity to turn the odds in your favour, and while luck still plays a part, you can use skill to increase your chances of winning. By studying form, trends, and conditions, you can make selections based on the likelihood of success; something that is out of the bookmakers hands.

To combat this lack of control over sporting results, the casinos offer different betting odds with which which to entice you to place a bet. They offer poor odds on a favourite to win, and greater odds on an outsider, to make them more appealing to gamble on. This is how the bookmakers regain some control over sports betting.

Horse Racing Gambling Online

Two of the most popular sports to bet on are horse racing and dog racing, but these heavily rely on the health, well-being, and training of the animals, which make them unpredictable.

Betting on sportsmen and women gives you far greater chance of predicting the winner and ultimately making some money. You can track these sports stars on recent performances, any injuries they have picked up, and past successes against individual opponents, to make an informed decision about how a match is likely to play out. No sport offers greater opportunity for tracking results and predicting the outcome of future events, than tennis.

Live Betting on the Rise

A modern development in the gambling world is the introduction of in-play betting. This means that you can bet on matches that are already in progress, and one of the sports that has proved most popular for this type of gambling is tennis.

You can sit in front of the TV and bet on the game as you watch it. So not only can you use past form to determine winners, you can also assess current form as games are in progress. This offers fantastic opportunities for tennis gambling. You can see when a player is under-performing, or when a top player needs to win a set in order to progress into the next round. Live betting offers a whole host of gambling opportunities.

Issues with Match Fixing

Match Fixing Davydenko TennisAs with all sports involving big money, tennis has seen its share of match mixing. Now that this industry has been exposed so publicly, the chances of further occurrences in the future have reduced considerably.

A major benefit of gambling on Tennis instead of football is with tennis you only have to rely on a single player to perform (or two if it is a doubles match). It has become a difficult sport for match-fixers to control, because deliberate errors, or a lack of effort by an individual can easily be spotted by officials, the media, and spectators. This level of scrutiny ensures players continually perform to the best of their abilities, and keep match-fixers at bay.

Issues with Officials Making Errors

In football you are betting on a full team of players, along with match officials who have lengthy histories of making questionable decisions that affect the outcome of every match.

In tennis, the Hawkeye system employed to track the path of the ball ensures decisions by the umpire and line judges are correct, and the best player (or players) on the day win on merit.

Betting on Tennis Matches

Gambling on Tennis online

Tennis is now the second most popular sport. Betting on tennis matches is only being beaten by bets on football matches. It’s growing popularity is a reflection on how predictable gambling on the game can be, and on the wide variety of betting opportunities offered.

With technological advances in online sports gambling, tennis betting now offers a whole range of ways to bet on games. You can bet on the outright winner of a match, the results of individual sets, total number of games in a set, even on who is going to win the next individual game, and a whole lot more.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding to bet on tennis. Some players specialize on a particular playing surface, which greatly affects their likelihood of winning on their favourite type of court.

Home court advantage rarely plays a part on the tennis circuit, but do keep a lookout around the major tournaments, such as Wimbledon where you will usually find a British player perform above expectation in the early rounds, or the US Open where an unexpected American may have a successful run.

One area to keep an eye on is players returning from injuries. Being medically fit does not mean that a player is match fit, and players returning from injuries rarely win tournaments straight away. It takes time for them to get back into the swing of things. This offers a great opportunity to bet against the returning player which the bookmakers rarely account for in the odds they offer on players.

Gambling on tennis is a fun way to enjoy a great game played by professional athletes.

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