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How to win with tennis betting

Tennis is one of the most popular sports with bettors for a number of reasons. The tennis calendar is packed with events all-year round, and with so much interest world-wide, bookmakers have to compete to offer the best odds, which is great for the tennis bettor who is prepared to do their homework.

Once you’ve been following the sport for a while, you’ll get to know most of the players, and the circumstances in which they tend to do well, and with so many markets to choose from, there are endless opportunities to turn your knowledge into profit. Here are some important factors to bear in mind before you start to bet on this fascinating sport.

Live betting tips

Betting in-play is a fast-growing market and tennis offers the perfect medium for this kind of betting, with plenty of breaks in play during which you can reassess your position. It is possible to bet on a wide range of aspects in-play, from the winner of the next game to the overall match winner, but the key is to know your players. Spotting when a player is falling short of his usual standard in terms of first serve percentage, or failing to hit his backhand return as powerfully as usual can give you an edge over others.

In-match momentum is also crucial. If you can spot when the tide of a game is turning, perhaps at a treatment break or after a vital point, then you can really cash in.

Pre-match tips

The traditional way to bet on tennis is to take a view on a match before it starts, and although bookmakers are shrewd at pricing up these markets, they do make mistakes, and if you’ve weighed up all the relevant factors, you can take advantage.

The ability of the players, as shown by their ranking, is an important starting point, as is the head to head match-up. Proven ability on the surface can be important, and don’t discount the effect of the weather; for example, windy conditions can badly affect players who have a high ball toss when serving, and can also inhibit more attacking players.

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Tennis betting strategies

Perhaps the key concept to bear in mind when betting on tennis is that players are not just numbers on a screen, and they aren’t robots either. Even the best players cannot sustain the same level of performance all season-long, and injuries will also interrupt their plans.

Generally speaking, there is not much advantage to be had knowing that one player is better than another, as this will be obvious to everyone, including the bookmakers, but knowing which players are peaking and which are in need of a rest, particularly if this is not obvious from the results, is important. Get used to treating players as individuals whose form and fitness will fluctuate in a pattern.

Match-fixing in tennis

Tennis match fixing has been in the news all too often in recent years, and there is no doubt that it is a problem, particularly lower down the ranks, where the prize money is low and players may be tempted to act illegally to earn extra dollars.

But tennis bettors should not be discouraged. As with everything you read on your chosen sport, you should analyse the detail and keep an objective attitude, rather than going with the headline news. The evidence does not suggest that the overwhelming majority of tennis matches are fixed. If rumours persist about a particular player, it may be worth looking into their matches, and if you have your doubts, steer clear of them in the short term. But otherwise, you should treat match-fixing as a rare, but unavoidable occupational hazard.