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Masters 1000 Tournaments

The ATP Masters 1000 is a series of nine high quality tournaments, spread throughout the ATP Tour season and held in Europe, North America and Asia. The series is designed to include the most prestigious events in men’s tennis after the four famous Grand Slam tournaments and the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals.
Reflecting their position in the men’s tennis hierarchy, the results of ATP Masters 1000 tournaments earn players a greater number of ranking points than normal ATP Tour events, but fewer than are available at Grand Slam tournament sof the ATP World Tour Finals. Originally played over five-sets, since 2007, Masters Series events have been three-set affairs, and since 2009, the list of tournaments making up the series has remained constant.

Masters 1000 Favourites

Masters 1000 events are dominated by the very top players to a surprising degree. For instance, of the 54 tournaments played since the beginning of the 2011 season, all but four have been won by one of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Andy Murray. With the gradual eclipse of Federer and Nadal, the Big Four has become a Big Two and between them, Djokovic and Murray have won 16 of the last 18 Masters 1000 events. Djokovic in particular has been the dominant force in this series, with 26 titles to his name, although Murray is closing the gap having won three of the last five in the 2016 season.

Masters 1000 Betting

The dominance of Djokovic and Murray in Masters 1000 tournaments makes for interesting betting markets, and plenty of opportunity. Such is the advantage that these two enjoy over the rest of the field, that if one of them is not at their best, the other becomes a virtual certainty,. For example, shrewd bettors who were able to spot Djokovic’s loss of form in mid-2016 could have cashed in by lumping on Murray to take advantage. Masters 1000 events also represent a step up in class from regular ATP competitions and if you’ve been following a young player who you think has the potential to make it to the top ten, there could be value to be had in backing him to reach the latter stages.

Masters 1000 Odds

With the Big Two dominating these events in recent months, the tournament betting markets for Masters 1000 tournaments have had a familiar look, with two very short-priced candidates at the top of the betting and big odds about every other competitor. That said, as already mentioned, it can be tricky for bookies to price up improving younger players with top-ten potential. And while these events are more prestigious than regular ATP tournaments, they take second place to the Grand Slams, and some players may not always be aiming to peak in a Masters 1000 event, which bookies have to bear in mind.