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Betting on Match Result

Without a doubt, the most popular form of tennis betting, judged by turnover and number of players, is the match winner market. This means that you will rarely have any problem getting your bet on in these markets, as there will always be plenty of liquidity.

The same applies to the in-play Match Betting markets, where there is always plenty of action, and opportunities to cash in. If you prefer to do your tennis betting on the exchanges, rather than with traditional bookmakers, you will have no problem trading on the outcome of the match in-play, and this can be a profitable method of Match Betting for clued-up bettors. But there are many other ways to profit from the match result.

Type of Match Result Betting

The most obvious way to profit from the match result is to pick the winner of the game, but that is just one of many match results markets available to the tennis bettor. If you think a game is going to be a close one, or a one-sided affair, you can also profit by playing in a market where the match result is combined with the Set Score such as Match Result and both Players to win a Set or Lose First Set and win the Match.

Match Result Betting Odds

As with all betting markets, the closer the match is to starting, the more accurate the available odds are likely to be. Often it isn’t a good idea to bet in the Match Result market just before the match begins as by that point, all of the available information will have been factored in and the prices are likely to be as close to the true probabilities as possible.

If you are betting before the match starts, particularly if you are choosing to bet on the exchanges, bet as early as possible, when there is sufficient liquidity in the market but there may still be an edge for the informed bettor.

When it comes to match betting in-play, many bettors overreact to individual events. You will often see the prices in the match betting market crash or spike after an important point, only to gradually settle over time, and if you stay calm and take a longer, more objective view of the chances of the players, you can take advantage of these fluctuations.

tennisbetting24 - Betting On Tennis

Tournament Winner

We all like to pick winners before a big tournament starts and this particular form of betting is second only to Match Betting in terms of popularity. While picking the winner of an individual match is the mainstay of tennis betting, taking a view at the start of a tournament can be a good way of putting your knowledge to profitable use.

One important thing to bear in mind when backing a player in the Tournament Winner market is the draw. This is usually allocated on the basis of ranking and previous performancs at the tournament, not current form, so your selection could end up in the easier half of the draw against players who are struggling, giving you a vital edge.

Types of Tournament Winner Bets

When you are betting in the Tournament Winners market, its important to remember that there are several available options. You may fancy a player to go all the way and lift the trophy, but you can also profit by backing a player to reach the final, or the last four. This can be a good way to bet if you’ve found a young, improving player who may not be ready to win a tournament, but could out-perform his pre-tournament price.

Tournament Winner Odds

Bookmakers will tend to take a conservative approach about the big name players such as Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams when pricing up the Tournament Winner. You may find that their odds start off small and remain that way all the way through the tournament.

But short prices about the tournament favourites can often mean value elsewhere. Bookmakers will primarily price up players based on overall ability and form, but can be vulnerable to clued-up bettors who know that a certain player is coming into form or that a young, improving player has the potential to out-do his previous performances.

Game Betting

Tennis bettors who like to follow the action closely and enjoy the thrill of in-play betting tend to gravitate towards game betting. It’s perhaps the fastest-moving, most exciting way to bet on tennis, as the odds will fluctuate after every single point, and if you like to bet on the exchange, this form of betting will give you many opportunities to trade and lock in a profit during the course of a match. But in-play game betting is not the only way to profit by betting on the outcome of games.

tennisbetting24 - Betting On Tennis

Types of Betting on Games

Game betting offers plenty of opportunity for the tennis bettor. You can, of course, bet in-play on the outcome of individual games, but there are many more game-related betting markets, many of which are available before the match starts, including Game Correct Score, Game Handicap and Game Result. And if you are betting on the exchanges, many of these markets will be available to trade in while the match is ongoing.

Game Betting Odds

As is often the case in minor markets, bookmakers generally set the odds in the game betting markets based on the respective odds of the players in the match winners market, so there are opportunities for the well-informed bettor to profit. If you are expecting a player to make a slow start or you think he might fade as the match goes on, you can take advantage of odds that may have been set in a slightly generic way.

Set Betting

Set betting is an intriguing way of profiting from your tennis knowledge, and offers an experience that is somewhere in between taking a view on the outcome of the match and trading in the fast-moving game markets.

Obviously, there is more scope for set betting in games that are played over five sets than three sets, and long matches at Grand Slam events, particularly at the French Open, are where Set Betting really comes into its own.

Types of Betting on Sets

As well as betting on the winner of the next set while the match is on-going, tennis bettors can also profit from a range of other markets, including Correct Score in a Set, Number of Games in a Set, Number of Sets in a Match, Set Handicap and Total Service Breaks in a Set. Most bookmakers will offer these markets and others like them, and you can usually bet on the whole range of set-related markets in-play.

Set Betting Odds

As with the game betting markets, bookmakers tend to price up the Set Betting markets in a generic way, so there are opportunities for informed bettors to profit. Set Betting in-play is also a good introduction to in-play betting, as the set betting markets don’t fluctuate as quickly as the game betting markets, but you can still profit from sharp in-play trading, even in games featuring a strong favourite. For example, if Novak Djokovic starts a game strongly, you may not feel like opposing him in the Match Betting market, but if you think his opponent will put up a fight as the game goes on, you can profit by betting on a five-set match in the Number of Sets in a Match market.

Tie-Break Betting

The tie-break is not just one of the most exciting features of tennis, it also provides knowledgeable bettors another opportunity to profit. A close five-set game can feature as many as four tie-breaks, and different players respond to the pressure that comes with the tie-break in different ways. Betting on tie-breaks is an exciting, volatile way of betting on tennis, and while it is hard to predict ahead of time how many tie-breaks a match will feature, that also means it will also be hard for the bookmaker and your fellow bettors to do the same, so a little extra effort in this area could pay big dividends.

Bet on Tie-Break: Types of Betting

Betting on the tie-break during the match is the most obvious way to get involved with tie-break betting. When a set ends in a tie-break, you will have the chance to bet on the Tiebreak Correct Score, Tiebreak Total Points or even more specialized markets such as Tiebreak Score after Six Points.

But there are also several tie-break related pre-match markets. The Tie-break in the Match or Total Match Tie-break markets give you the opportunity to put your knowledge to good use, and both of these markets are sometimes available in-play.

Betting on Tie-Break Odds

Getting the odds in the various Tie-Break markets right is particularly tricky for bookmakers, particularly in five-set matches, as even one-sided games can sometimes feature a tie-break, and as this is not an area in which they will specialize, it is possible to find an edge.

Knowing the average number of tie-breaks you can expect in a match can be useful information to have, particularly if you break it down by surface. For instance, it is reasonable to assume that matches played on grass, where games are more likely to go with serve than on other surfaces, will lead to more tie-breaks. Knowing how well each player copes with the pressure of the tie-break can also be valuable information, particularly if you are betting in-play.