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Men’s tennis is one of the fastest-growing sports betting markets. Every day, millions of sports bettors play on tennis events ranging from predicting who will win the next point to who will win the next Grand Slam. Thanks to the explosion of online betting, in Europe and the UK, men’s tennis is second only to football in the ranks of popular betting sports.

That’s why we created It’s your complete betting resource for men’s tennis, giving you everything you need to know from how to bet, to which young players you should be following over the coming months. So make your number one tennis destination and take your tennis betting to the next level!

Tennis Betting 24

Tennis Betting Bonus

One thing that will help you to gain an edge in your tennis betting, is to keep an eye open for tennis betting bonuses. Betting on men’s tennis is a competitive business and bookmakers are increasingly forced to offer betting bonuses to entice bettors.

The bonuses take different forms. Some bookmakers will offer you guaranteed odds on big players in Grand Slam events, or refunded bets if your selection loses. Another common tennis betting bonus is the loyalty bet, by which a bookmaker will match your stake after you’ve placed a certain number of bets with them: essentially giving you a free bet. By shopping around, the shrewd tennis bettor can turn betting bonuses to their advantage.

Live Betting on Tennis

These days, tennis bettors have the option to bet live, while a match is happening. Live betting is one of the fastest growing sectors of the tennis betting market and an increasing number of bookmakers offer this facility, along with live-stream coverage of the matches.

Men’s tennis is a fast-moving, dynamic sport, played out over the course of two or three hours, during which the odds can change dramatically, which makes live betting an exciting, adrenaline-fuelled experience. Tennis bettors can bet on a range of in-play markets, such as the winner of the next game or set, so with live betting on tennis, you can get much closer to the action than ever before!

Tennis Betting on Mobile

A majority of people now access the internet via mobile devices, and not surprisingly, bookmakers are keen to keep up. Around five years ago, the mobile betting service provided by many bookmakers was patchy and unreliable, but the industry has really raised its game in recent years, and it is rare to find to a bookmaker that doesn’t offer mobile betting these days. That means that as a tennis bettor, you are no longer tied to a desktop computer, and can strike a bet wherever and whenever it is convenient to you.

Best Tennis Betting Sites

In recent years, the number of betting sites offering tennis betting markets has dramatically increased, but which one should you use? We will soon be offering reviews of all the best tennis betting sites, but here’s a brief guide to the things you should be looking out for.

First, you need be sure that the site is legal! You can feel safe with most of the big-name sites, but if you’ve stumbled across a new one, make sure that it has a UK licence. You will also want to prioritise sites that consistently offer the best odds, and those that offer the widest range of tennis-betting markets. It’s also worth researching the quality of a betting site’s customer service, as you may need to contact them to resolve problems.

Free Bets on Tennis

Free tennis bets and risk free bets are a popular bonus offered by many bookmakers, but what are they and are they worth taking advantage of?
A free bet usually involves the bookmaker matching your stake in a specified market. So if you bet £50 that will effectively become a £100 bet. A risk-free bet is a bet that the bookmaker refunds if it loses. That sounds great, but there are usually conditions attached. You may be restricted on the markets you can bet in, or your stake amount, so before taking up a free bet offer, be sure to read the terms and conditions.